Cork is a completely ecological
and sustainable product
All kind of stopper
Nomacorc Blue Line

The Nomacorc Blue Line range is a new category of recyclable closures in which 50% of the raw material used comes from recycled plastic. For this reason, a significant portion of the plastic used in the composition of these closures is ISCC + certified.

This sustainability certification guarantees the introduction of recycled plastic in the production process through the method of calculating the Mass Balance.
Ferrari Sugheri: Nomacorc Blue Line
Vinventions’ Vintop line of high-performance screwcaps closures is perfect for wines which require a new-world look and cater to consumers who appreciate the convenience of a screwcap.
Ferrari Sugheri: Vintop
SÜBR is the world’s first polyurethane-free and taint-free micro-natural closure. It offers a consistent, low oxygen ingress which is ideally suited for maintaining freshness and ensuring optimal cellar aging performance.
Ferrari Sugheri: Subr
Wine Quality Solutions
These researches, conducted in collaboration with 14 academic institutions around the world, enabled to acquire a solid expertise in gas management during the winemaking process, bottling, and post-bottling storage as well as on other key parameters of wine quality such as color, polyphenols and carbon dioxide.
Ferrari Sugheri: Subr
Francisco Oller S.A.
More than one hundred years of experience, innovation and desire for excellence, represent the basis of the technical and professional solvency of OLLER, a world leader in the production of quality sparkling wine closures.
Ferrari Sugheri: Oller